In THESS PERIO - Centre for Periodontology and Implantology, we use materials and equipment of the highest standards so that our patients feel certain that their oral health is maintained using state of the art materials, equipment and techniques. We follow strict disinfection and sterilization processes to ensure our patients and staff remain safe at all times.

Dental Unit, Anthos CEFLA S.C, Italian manufacture, fully equipped
Ultrasonic unit EMS® LED NO PAIN: new generation equipment developed around the concepts of conservative treatment and maximum patient comfort, the PIEZON handpieces have a built-in 5,000 Kelvin LED light to secure bright natural daylight and exclusive surgical-grade stainless steel PIEZON instruments with jewel-grade polishing.
Hand instruments for root planning, Hu-Friedy, USA
S.H.S. Independent water supply and disinfection for higher sanitation
A.C.V.S Automatic system for rinsing and cleaning of the suction system, it allows the disinfection between patients
Surgical implant motor NSK/Nakanishi inc.
Piezoelectric device NSK/Nakanishi inc. for demanding surgical procedures
Autoclave Anthos, CEFLA S.C
Digital radiographs MyRay ZEN-X
Surgical implant cassette Straumann, Switzerland
Surgical implant cassette Adin, Israel
Surgical implant cassette BIOMET 3i, USA
3i implant kit
Osseodensification system Densah, USA, for surgical placement of dental implants
Diode laser Biolase Epic X, USA
Magnifying loupes Orascoptic, USA
Pinhole Surgical Technique instruments, USA