• Detailed periodontal examination, diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Treatment of gingivitis
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Treatment of peri-implantitis
  • Surgical placement of dental implants
  • Periodontal treatment prior to a prosthetic restoration
  • Periodontal treatment prior to orthodontic treatment
  • Surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Coverage of gingival recession
  • Management of a gummy smile
  • Treatments using a soft tissue Laser
  • Gum hyperplasia
  • Sinus augmentation/elevation
  • Guided tissue regeneration (regeneration of bone and periodontal tissues around teeth)
  • Guided bone regeneration (regeneration of jaw bone loss following tooth loss)
  • Pinhole Surgical Technique® (coverage of gingival recession incision-free, suture-free)
  • Exposure of impacted teeth during orthodontic treatment
  • Supportive periodontal therapy